William L'Eriger - CART 211

About me: The Man, the Myth, the William

De-mystifying myself

A man of many talents, including the ability to forget to set up an alarm and wake up exactly 10 minutes before the start of a class without fail. I have to get cardio training into my daily routine anyway, so why not on the way to school?

In any case, I am a first year student in the Computation Arts Specialization at Concordia. I don't think I have any outstanding talents as an artist, but I think my creativity and ideas will carry me through the program and beyond.


The Origin Story

I hail from Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, a smaller city just an hour southwest of Montreal. There, I grew up in a french neighbourhood until my parents decide to transfer me to english education. I then went to highschool in the countryside with a few friends and the local cattle to keep me company. Far away from everything, I thought the overall experience was atrocious and I'm glad to have moved to the big city to pursue my studies.

I first started CEGEP as a student in mechanical engineering down in the depths of Dawson's second basement floor. Away from the light of day and in the company of old teachers who did nothing but diss the arts as a useless field and recount tales of their past jobs, I quickly grew to dislike the program. After a year and a half, the scent of metal chips and oil were enough to completely turn me away from the field. I did come out of the program with some technical skill, but I digress. I then switched to the Interactive Media Arts program which I followed through till the end and then applied to Concordia, which leads me to where I am now.


Free the mind: Interests and Hobbies

In general, my interests tend to lie on works of fiction, whether they be games, books and whatnot. Ever since I was young, I have been an avid watched of Anime and a dedicated reader of Manga. I have spent countless hours in front of my computer screen just consuming these types of media and I don't regret a second of it. I also play a lot of games in my spare time and I'm a big fan of the Dark Souls/Bloodborne series.

In the past year or so, I have gained an interest in Dungeons and Dragons and I have tried my hand and being the Dungeon Master a few times. I must say I enjoy being both the player or the DM, but I think that DMing is my favorite. It allows me to share my ideas and creative thinking with my friends in ways nothing else has allowed me to do before.



My goals in this class are undoubtedly related to furthering my skills in web design as this field is something I feel would make an excellent career down the line. Furthermore, as someone who has written some interactive fiction and wants to keep doing so on a higher level, I think that being more than well-versed in both HTML5 and CSS is essential